Teen Wolf season 1

The Teen Wolf season 1 is telly series which tells about the young boy whose Scott McCall. Once, he finds himself looking for a dead body.

teen wolf season 5
While being in the woods, he is being attacked by a strange beast. After this beast bites him, he starts to notice some changes inside. It turns out that a boy is capable to turn into a werewolf when there is a full moon. Now he needs to learn how to control himself in order not to harm his family and close people. For this purpose he will use help of his friend Stiles and mysterious Beta werewolf. Meanwhile, his school life totally changes as he becomes unbelievably popular.

Season 5 is a continuation of the story which has started in the first season.
In this season Allison and Scott will still have to date secretly as her father is totally against their relationships. At the same time, Lydia disappears from the hospital. That is why both hunters and werewolves need to unite in order to find her. Father of Alison decides to train his daughter to kill werewolves. Meanwhile, Derek and Stiles join their forces to prevent new deaths of innocent people. New hunter searching for the revenge appears in the city.

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