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Wentworth season 4

Wentworth series is a dramatic story of the life of the prisoners of an Australian prison Wentworth. The viewer can appreciate the life of women prisoners, which is based on specific, sometimes cruel rules, if ignored, can cost women their lives. Each of the heroine of the series has its own tragic fate, which led them to prison. All women are deeply unhappy, but not all do deserve universal condemnation.wentworth season 4

Each episode of Wentworth season 4 is devoted to the life story of one of the female prisoners, in which the viewer becomes aware of the reasons for which fate had brought her into the walls of the dark building.

Here ruled the individual laws of survival, its own rules and norms. The different characters, all with their own fate, made to fight for a place under the sun in order to survive in a world where so important a real friendship and loyalty.

The dramatic story of the series shows the viewer a paradoxical similarity of the fate of women prisoners and prison officers. It turns out that the latter is also not enthusiastic about the prospect of being in the cold walls of the building practically all their life. It turns out that they both are sort of prisoners, but each of them has its own, a difficult fate.