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The Odd Couple season 1

The Odd Couple season 1 is a remake TV show.
The Odd Couple
In this series it goes about a photographer whose name is Felix Unger. Not so long ago his former wife whose name is Frances has kicked him out of the house. That is why he is required to live with Oscar Madison, a sport journalist who is also alone as his wife has left him. This fellow has some drawbacks. Thus, for instance, he admires gambling, he is quite lazy and careless. He constantly plays poker with a police officer. This series is a story of two best friends who are quite different, but are required to live together. That is why there is a great amount of various funny situations.

The Millers season 2

The Millers season 2 is a TV show which starts from the much awaited event. Thus, Carol decided to search for the new apartment.
The Millers series
During the first season Nathan has been forced to put up with living along with his mother who has been constantly interfering his personal life and privacy. However, this time he has hope to get freedom and find the chance to live alone. Nathan and Debbie are unbelievably glad to know that they are capable to help him with this task.
Meanwhile, Carol is going to make an acquaintance with a new man whose name is Kip Finkle. At the same time Tom and Carol think about whether it is worth to formalize the divorce.