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Mini Aussies are a herding breed, which means they are one of  the most intelligent and highly trainable breeds. It also means that some can become bored very easily and we always want to educate people that it isn’t hard to find something, or as we like to call it, “a job” for them to do to keep their minds challenged. Today there is so much more then just basic training. Many people have become introduced to the world of canine sports that are now so popular, and have started a whole new way of life with their new best friend.

superheroYou will see Mini Aussies now competing in agility, fly ball, disc, canine freestyle dance, herding, and obedience competitions, just to mention a few, everywhere. Today dogs aren’t just for walking, they’re  for making life an adventure!

The Mini Aussie is a loving, devoted companion to their families, but can be reserved towards strangers. This natural reserve means that your dog may not bound up to strangers to be petted, but instead will stand firmly by your side until introductions are made and the Mini Aussie sees the stranger is accepted by you, once a friend, always a friend. While this trait makes them a jetset81wonderful guardian of the home and family, it does require early and consistent socialization with people and other dogs outside the family. Their intelligence, devotion, and loving nature make it easy for them to form a strong bond with their family. They have natural herding instincts, unfocused this instinct may cause inappropriate behavior on such objects as children, small animals, other dogs and etc. This should be redirected at an early age to avoid a bad situation later. That is why Mini Aussies need a job to do, a bored Mini Aussie , like most dogs, may be a destructive one, so playing and exercise are important, but teaching them basic obedience and even fun little tricks can help to keep their minds challenged. 
Remember, before purchasing any puppy, check out the breeder, the breed, and ask lots of questions. Puppies today, grow into a life member of your family tomorrow.

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