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Revision of long-term construction: Screening of the “Dark Tower” by Stephen King

According to the Director Nicholas Arcelia , his film is more a sequel to the original story, and not its detailed adaptation.
The Dark Tower movie
The film adaptation of “the Dark tower” series of novels by American writer Stephen king, written at the crossroads of fantasy, horror, science fiction, westerns and other genres — this year, finally get to the big screen after a decade of controversial news and promises of various Directors, producers and film companies. We learned the history of the question.
The Dark Tower movie

Abrams and Lindelof: Love lives three years

The information that the adaptation of the legendary book series by Stephen king “the Dark tower” may go to the movies, first appeared 10 years ago. The news seemed a logical continuation of the launch of the Marvel studios comic book series on the adventures of the Arrow of Roland, the main character of the series. As the Director was named by J. J. Abrams, which, however, at that time refused to comment. Representatives of IGN did not specify the format of the future film adaptation. Then Abrams was primarily perceived as the author of the series “lost”.
Along with a seven volume series of books that made me think about the show. On the other hand, Abrams officially confirmed their work on a feature-length film under the code name “Cloverfield”, and many began to suspect that behind this word is hiding what the film is about the shooter. Also on this subject I advise you to see vikings complete series it is a good TV show which is also conveys the atmosphere of the movie.
JJ Abrams The Dark Tower
Information about the film adaptation confirmed at the end of the same month he Stephen king at the Comic Con festival. In conversation with the fans, the writer stated that he was “absolutely not swaying movies”, but said what really sold the rights to the embodiment of the “Dark Tower” Abrams and his co-written by “lost” screenwriter Damon Lindelof for a ridiculous price of $ 19. Fans rejoiced. King later remarked that he fully trusted Abrams and Lindelof, as a fan of the series, and no doubt about the success of their project.

Sam Abrams spoke much more cautious. In March 2007, in an interview for Wired magazine he stated that he is discussing a future project with the king and is unable to disclose details, and also reported that his colleague Lindelof is a longtime fan of “the Dark tower”. In the same interview, Abrams announced ambitious idea of the film — to remove the cycle of seven feature films, ekraniziruya volume one Saga after another. However, has not been named neither the timeline nor the candidates for the main roles, neither Studio willing to take on such an ambitious undertaking. Fans of the books were left to wait and wonder.
Damon Lindelof The Dark Tower
The year 2008 has not added any certainty. In an interview with Reelz Abrams has confirmed that work on the film adaptation of “the Dark tower” continues, but again gave no details. It was assumed that on the script it works together with Lindelof, but did they draft someone else — remained a mystery. According to Abrams, he planned to fully switch to film adaptation of “the Tower” after “Staying alive”, which went all the time Director.

Suspicions that the movie was never held, for the first time began to slip in may 2009 after an interview Lindelof for MTV. He said that the criticism which has been Zack Snyder from fans after the release of the film adaptation of the comic book “watchmen”, forced him to think seriously about whether to work on “the Dark tower”. Similar concerns were expressed by Abrams. It became clear that Abrams and Lindelof are tired of large-scale projects after almost a decade of work on the “Stay alive”.
The Dark Tower
It ended in late 2009 with the expiry of a period of three years the movie rights. And “Stay alive” all went on, requiring their creators time and effort. The cross on the set Lindelof in an interview with USA Today in 2009. “It’s a very challenging thing, a very important literary work, he said. After 6 years of work on “lost”, I’m not willing to spend another 7 years to adapt their favorite books. I’m a big fan of Stephen king and am afraid to do something wrong. I would give anything to see a movie at “the Tower”, if it shoots someone else. This is a great book, they need someone filmed. But not me.”

Ron Howard: 45 million for unshot films

After 5 months, in April 2010, the press leaked rumors that the movie rights acquired Universal studios. The portal reported that the work on the script leads Akiva Goldsman (“Poseidon”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), the Director will be Ron Howard (“a beautiful mind”, “the da Vinci Code”), and producer Brian Grazer (“frost / Nixon”, “8 mile”). They already worked together on the film “mind Games”, released in 2001, and received four Oscars. Sam Howard, as it turned out, was a major enthusiast of the project and was going to apply for his success to the incredible efforts. According to him, they Goldsman worked for a year before officially offer the king his version of the film. Obviously, the failure of the Abrams and Lindelof taught their successors a more sober assessment of their ambitions and opportunities.
Ron Howard The Dark Tower
The first time it seemed that their hopes come true. September 8, 2010 in Universal officially confirmed work on the project and specified its format. Like Abrams, Howard wasn’t supposed to fit a Grand Saga in one film. Instead, he planned to make three feature films with an accompanying mini-series, where the characters will be better able to open up. This approach is endorsed and king, has noticed that “the Dark tower” always seemed too big for one movie”.

Howard exulted. The Director of each day corresponded with Goldsman and king, discussing how best to remove this or that episode. Meanwhile, the film slowly went from theory to practical implementation: by the end of 2010, Universal began to look for an actor to play the main character. Initially, among the candidates were Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig and Jon Hamm, but soon the most suitable considered Viggo Mortensen (“Lord of the rings,” “the Road”) and Javier Bardem (“no country for Old men”). The latter accepted the offer to play Arrow in January 2011.

The project has attracted new members. In April 2011 mark Verheiden (“Battlestar Galactica”) has agreed to be Executive producer of the mini-series and help the Goldsman script. But after a month of chances to see soon the “Dark tower” on the screen again deteriorated sharply when Universal studios has calculated an estimated budget for the project. Three films and mini-series with Javier Bardem in the title role, proved to be extremely costly.

Although official comments are not followed, a number of publications have reported that the leadership of the Universal seriously discuss the fate of the film adaptation. Many remembered the closing of another similar project — “the Ranges of madness” based on the books of HP Lovecraft, who was planning to do for Universal and Guillermo del TORRO. Then, too, the work on the painting went fine, but the budget grew and grew and once reached 150 million, the Studio refused to film. Initiative Howard could suffer the same fate.

For some time the Director and fans of the series were hoping that Universal will share projected spending with another Studio, and will launch the project in its original form. As a primary candidate partners called Warner Bross, who tried to buy the film rights in late 2010. Mentioned and Sony Pictures, with which Howard was working on an adaptation of two other bestsellers — the books of Dan brown’s “da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”. But fait accompli were the only representatives of the Universal in may 2011, which reported that the beginning of the film, scheduled for September 2011, is postponed, and Goldsman and Howard are committed to rewrite the script to reduce costs.
Viggo Mortyensyena The Dark Tower
Hope still glimmered in July 2011, Universal had to officially give the project a green light. But the Studio still refused to film because of the prohibitive cost of production.

However, for Howard it was only the beginning of a difficult battle for the film adaptation of “the Dark tower”. He was supported by king, who said: “it is a pity that Universal refused, but that’s not surprising. I don’t blame them. But I am sure that Rol Howard will be able to remove Roland and his friends somewhere else. He is very committed to this project.”

Next month, fans watched as Howard rushes from one major market player to another, trying to seek funding for a film adaptation, at least one half of either feature films or TV series. In August, he assumed that there is a chance to get funding, then use the large Studio as a distributor. According to him, participation in the project was interested in Netflix. In October, producer Brian Grazer said that the TV part of the job can transfer to HBO. At the same time, Grazer admitted that the project had a cost of $ 45 million that went to pay for the rights to the film, advances the project participants, as well as the penalty that Universal paid for its refusal.

Despite all the efforts, the work arose. And Grazer, and Howard and Goldsman focused on other, more realistic projects, only occasionally returning to the theme of “the Dark tower” in a separate interview. In March 2012, reports surfaced that “the Dark tower” interested in Warner Bros., decided to replace Javier Bardem as the lead actor, Russell Crowe. Goldsman even sent them the official script of the first two films, but in August 2012, the Studio followed the example of Universal and refused to participate. Then for the first time there were rumors that “the Dark tower” is interested Studio Media Right Capital.
Last attempt Howard launched in early 2014 with the support of the MRC. About it it became known thanks to an interview with the star of the project “breaking bad” Aaron Floors, which the Director offered the role of drug addict Eddie Dean, one of the companions of Roland. As another possible participant in the project called Liam Neeson (“Schindler’s List”, “Batman begins”). Its possible role was not disclosed, although fans had thought that Neeson can be anyone other than the Shooter. The budget of the project to this point was reduced to 60 million dollars, which, however, are not forced Howard to abandon the initial idea to combine the films with the series. But all these messages were nothing more than rumors.

Nikolay Arcel: The sequel instead of the film adaptation

The situation radically changed on July 10, 2015. MRC, who worked on the picture with Howard since 2012, announced that his place on the filming of the upcoming film adaptation will be taken by another director – the Dane Nikolai Arsel, known for the film “The Royal Novel”, and also working on the script “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.” Howard remained the executive producer.
Nikolai Arcel The Dark Tower
Like previous directors, Arsel was well acquainted with the “Tower”. According to him, as a child in Denmark, he learned English precisely in order to read King’s books in the original language. News about the new participant of the project was preceded by a message that Sony Pictures was decided to connect to the project in April 2010. At the same time, the concept, originally stated by Howard, radically changed. Not wanting to face the impossibly ambitious tasks, the studios focused on creating one film. Goldsmans, who worked on the project for 5 years, rewrote the script again to prepare for the film adaptation of the first book of the famous cycle.

After coming to the project of Arcel, the events began to develop rapidly. In August, the official release date for the film was announced – January 2017. Later, however, it was postponed to July 27. The active search for the main actors began, and in January 2016 it became known that the Roland’s arrow was to be played by Idris Elbe (“Listening”, “Bezrodnye beasts”). The director himself, an actor’s fan since the time of “Listening”, described the Elbe as follows: “He is an outstanding man. I came to Idris and told me my vision of the story, the whole Roland journey with a ca-tete (a team of friends gathered from different worlds to help in the search for a tower). We discussed what kind of character he is, what his task is, what he thinks about. We tried to understand that we see the same person. And it turned out that our ideas and thoughts coincide completely. ”
The Dark Tower movie
The choice was approved by Stephen King, which was especially surprising, given that he came up with Roland, based on the image of Clint Eastwood. However, according to King himself, “the years went by and the character acquired my own personality in my imagination. He was no longer Eastwood. He was just … Roland. ” In February, 2016, it became known that the actress Abby Lee (“Mad Max: The Road of Fury”) offered to perform the leading female role in the film. She was to embody on the screen the image of Tirana – a villain who played in the original relatively modest role, which immediately became the reason for the fans’ suspicious attitude towards this idea.

In March, it was reported that Matthew McConaughey (“Dalas Club of Buyers”, “Interstellar”) will play the role of the main antagonist, the Man in Black. Arsel explained his choice to the fact that a man in black, a rogue and a werewolf, must constantly change his appearance, style of behavior and manner of speech. The director was confident that McConaughey would cope with the task: “Matthew is an incredible actor who can do anything.” McConaughey himself was enthusiastic about his role and wrote about his participation in the project on Twitter, suggesting Idris Elbe “to catch him if he can.”

Finally, in April 2016, more than 9 years after the first hopes for screening appeared, South Africa began shooting a film version of the “Dark Tower”. Information was reported selectively. Gradually, the journalists managed to find out that in addition to Arcel, McConaughey and Lee, Jackie Earl Haley (“The Keepers”) and Fran Krantz (“The Cabin in the Forest”) will be involved in the project, but their roles had to be surmised. And it became difficult: in July 2016 it became known that the plot of the film will not completely repeat the first book.
The Dark Tower movie
An important difference was that a magical artifact known as the “Egg Horn”, allowing the shooter, in fact, to re-start his own journey to the Tower, fell into his hands not at the end of the whole path, as in the original books, but at the very beginning. This led many observers to say that the film, in fact, will act as a continuation of the original cycle. This confirmed and Arcel, saying that “hardcore fans of the series will understand that this is, in fact, a sequel. There are many similar elements and characters, but this is another journey. ” At the same time, the director promised to remain faithful to the overall structure of the first volume.

Another unexpected news was the absence among the heroes of two important companions Roland – the former heroin addict Eddie and the crippled girl named Suzanne. Their appearance is promised in the sequels, but whether they will be – is not yet known. The plot of the first film is based on the relationship of three main characters: the shooter, the Man in the black and young protege of Roland named Jake Chambers performed by Tom Taylor (“The Last Kingdom”).
The Dark Tower
However, although the prospects for a full-length sequel will remain hazy until the release of the film, this is not the only possible format for the continuation. In September 2016, Entertainment Weekly reported that despite all the difficulties, Howard’s project to accompany the full-length films with the series will still be implemented, albeit in a truncated form. MRC and Sony Pictures announced that the series will consist of 10 to 13 episodes, and tell the audience the story of the formation of Roland, based on the fourth book of the series “Sorcerer and Crystal.” Elba promised to appear in the role of the old Roland, but to perform the main role is still unknown to the young actor. The release of the series is scheduled for 2018. It seems that after long wanderings through studios and directors, the Shooter can still reach the Dark Tower.

The Simpsons season 27

The Simpsons season 27 continues to tell about the most popular in the world American family.

The Simpsons
The plot of this season starts with Homer and Marge who are having problems in their personal lives. Once, they decide to visit the marriage counselor. This counselor suggests them to try to live separately for some time. At the same time, Homer finds out that he has narcolepsy. However, he is not going to get treatment, but decides to have a drink.
For this purpose he goes to the bar and comes home drunk. With time either Homer or Marge are going to a date with other people and that becomes a surprise for both of them.

The Odd Couple season 1

The Odd Couple season 1 is a remake TV show.
The Odd Couple
In this series it goes about a photographer whose name is Felix Unger. Not so long ago his former wife whose name is Frances has kicked him out of the house. That is why he is required to live with Oscar Madison, a sport journalist who is also alone as his wife has left him. This fellow has some drawbacks. Thus, for instance, he admires gambling, he is quite lazy and careless. He constantly plays poker with a police officer. This series is a story of two best friends who are quite different, but are required to live together. That is why there is a great amount of various funny situations.

X Company season 2

X Company season 2 is a continuation of the series which continues to tell about five agents who are performing secret missions.
X Company poster
This time the spies are in France which is occupied by Germany. The team is now not complete as Alfred Graves has been captured by the Gestapo. Harry James feels guilty for what has happened, namely for his team being exposed. Neil feels worried about the murder of his German friend.
Tom Cumming is wounded and now his life is in danger. Aurora Luft is unbelievably worried as she understands that while Alfred is in German captivity, he may give away all secrets he knows. That is why the team has to do everything possible in order to save Alfred.

The Tudors season 3

The Tudors season 3 is a TV show that continues to tell about the royal family.

The Tudors

In this season the viewers will still see Henry who marries for the third time. However, he has no opportunity to spend his honeymoon as he wants as there is a rebellion that started against the new authority. Some part of the rebellion has been defeated, while the other one strengthens.
The Pope searches for help in Spain and Germany so that to restore the old Catholic traditions. With time Henry tries to stop the insurrection by himself. Thus, he promises to meet the demands of the rebels in York and makes everything possible to make the Church recognize the Protestant faith. For this purpose he searches for support in the European countries.

The Millers season 2

The Millers season 2 is a TV show which starts from the much awaited event. Thus, Carol decided to search for the new apartment.
The Millers series
During the first season Nathan has been forced to put up with living along with his mother who has been constantly interfering his personal life and privacy. However, this time he has hope to get freedom and find the chance to live alone. Nathan and Debbie are unbelievably glad to know that they are capable to help him with this task.
Meanwhile, Carol is going to make an acquaintance with a new man whose name is Kip Finkle. At the same time Tom and Carol think about whether it is worth to formalize the divorce.

The Leftovers season 1

The Leftovers season 1 is a series which tells about the life of several people who are living in Mapleton.
The Leftovers season 1

It happens that 2% of the Earth population simply disappears without any trace. Among them are 100 people from Mapleton.
There is no difference whether these people are adult or children. Nationality and occupation also plays no role. Religious people and scientists dispute about the reasons of what is happening. In the center of this plot is a local chef of police who received the position from his father.
His name is Kevin Garvey and he is trying to maintain order in this small town. However, he has his own personal problems. Thus, there is no news from his son who is on the west and his daughter is going out of control.

The Last Ship season 3

The Last Ship season 3 continues to tell the story about Tom Chandler and the crew of Nathan James.
The Last Ship series
At the end of the 1st season it goes about Dr. Rachel Scott who finds the cure from the virus which has attacked the Earth population and wiped out about 80% of the population. This time the major mission of the group is to find those people who survived along with their families. The White House is now empty.
The whole cities are destroyed and the new enemy appears. Here appears the group of people which is called the Chosen. These people are going to set the new rules in the United States.

Teen Wolf season 1

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teen wolf season 5
While being in the woods, he is being attacked by a strange beast. After this beast bites him, he starts to notice some changes inside. It turns out that a boy is capable to turn into a werewolf when there is a full moon. Now he needs to learn how to control himself in order not to harm his family and close people. For this purpose he will use help of his friend Stiles and mysterious Beta werewolf. Meanwhile, his school life totally changes as he becomes unbelievably popular.

Season 5 is a continuation of the story which has started in the first season.
In this season Allison and Scott will still have to date secretly as her father is totally against their relationships. At the same time, Lydia disappears from the hospital. That is why both hunters and werewolves need to unite in order to find her. Father of Alison decides to train his daughter to kill werewolves. Meanwhile, Derek and Stiles join their forces to prevent new deaths of innocent people. New hunter searching for the revenge appears in the city.