The Simpsons season 27

The Simpsons season 27 continues to tell about the most popular in the world American family.

The Simpsons
The plot of this season starts with Homer and Marge who are having problems in their personal lives. Once, they decide to visit the marriage counselor. This counselor suggests them to try to live separately for some time. At the same time, Homer finds out that he has narcolepsy. However, he is not going to get treatment, but decides to have a drink.
For this purpose he goes to the bar and comes home drunk. With time either Homer or Marge are going to a date with other people and that becomes a surprise for both of them.

The Odd Couple season 1

The Odd Couple season 1 is a remake TV show.
The Odd Couple
In this series it goes about a photographer whose name is Felix Unger. Not so long ago his former wife whose name is Frances has kicked him out of the house. That is why he is required to live with Oscar Madison, a sport journalist who is also alone as his wife has left him. This fellow has some drawbacks. Thus, for instance, he admires gambling, he is quite lazy and careless. He constantly plays poker with a police officer. This series is a story of two best friends who are quite different, but are required to live together. That is why there is a great amount of various funny situations.

X Company season 2

X Company season 2 is a continuation of the series which continues to tell about five agents who are performing secret missions.
X Company poster
This time the spies are in France which is occupied by Germany. The team is now not complete as Alfred Graves has been captured by the Gestapo. Harry James feels guilty for what has happened, namely for his team being exposed. Neil feels worried about the murder of his German friend.
Tom Cumming is wounded and now his life is in danger. Aurora Luft is unbelievably worried as she understands that while Alfred is in German captivity, he may give away all secrets he knows. That is why the team has to do everything possible in order to save Alfred.

The Tudors season 3

The Tudors season 3 is a TV show that continues to tell about the royal family.

The Tudors

In this season the viewers will still see Henry who marries for the third time. However, he has no opportunity to spend his honeymoon as he wants as there is a rebellion that started against the new authority. Some part of the rebellion has been defeated, while the other one strengthens.
The Pope searches for help in Spain and Germany so that to restore the old Catholic traditions. With time Henry tries to stop the insurrection by himself. Thus, he promises to meet the demands of the rebels in York and makes everything possible to make the Church recognize the Protestant faith. For this purpose he searches for support in the European countries.

The Millers season 2

The Millers season 2 is a TV show which starts from the much awaited event. Thus, Carol decided to search for the new apartment.
The Millers series
During the first season Nathan has been forced to put up with living along with his mother who has been constantly interfering his personal life and privacy. However, this time he has hope to get freedom and find the chance to live alone. Nathan and Debbie are unbelievably glad to know that they are capable to help him with this task.
Meanwhile, Carol is going to make an acquaintance with a new man whose name is Kip Finkle. At the same time Tom and Carol think about whether it is worth to formalize the divorce.

The Leftovers season 1

The Leftovers season 1 is a series which tells about the life of several people who are living in Mapleton.
The Leftovers season 1

It happens that 2% of the Earth population simply disappears without any trace. Among them are 100 people from Mapleton.
There is no difference whether these people are adult or children. Nationality and occupation also plays no role. Religious people and scientists dispute about the reasons of what is happening. In the center of this plot is a local chef of police who received the position from his father.
His name is Kevin Garvey and he is trying to maintain order in this small town. However, he has his own personal problems. Thus, there is no news from his son who is on the west and his daughter is going out of control.

The Last Ship season 3

The Last Ship season 3 continues to tell the story about Tom Chandler and the crew of Nathan James.
The Last Ship series
At the end of the 1st season it goes about Dr. Rachel Scott who finds the cure from the virus which has attacked the Earth population and wiped out about 80% of the population. This time the major mission of the group is to find those people who survived along with their families. The White House is now empty.
The whole cities are destroyed and the new enemy appears. Here appears the group of people which is called the Chosen. These people are going to set the new rules in the United States.

Teen Wolf season 1

The Teen Wolf season 1 is telly series which tells about the young boy whose Scott McCall. Once, he finds himself looking for a dead body.

teen wolf season 5
While being in the woods, he is being attacked by a strange beast. After this beast bites him, he starts to notice some changes inside. It turns out that a boy is capable to turn into a werewolf when there is a full moon. Now he needs to learn how to control himself in order not to harm his family and close people. For this purpose he will use help of his friend Stiles and mysterious Beta werewolf. Meanwhile, his school life totally changes as he becomes unbelievably popular.

Season 5 is a continuation of the story which has started in the first season.
In this season Allison and Scott will still have to date secretly as her father is totally against their relationships. At the same time, Lydia disappears from the hospital. That is why both hunters and werewolves need to unite in order to find her. Father of Alison decides to train his daughter to kill werewolves. Meanwhile, Derek and Stiles join their forces to prevent new deaths of innocent people. New hunter searching for the revenge appears in the city.

Wentworth season 4

Wentworth series is a dramatic story of the life of the prisoners of an Australian prison Wentworth. The viewer can appreciate the life of women prisoners, which is based on specific, sometimes cruel rules, if ignored, can cost women their lives. Each of the heroine of the series has its own tragic fate, which led them to prison. All women are deeply unhappy, but not all do deserve universal condemnation.wentworth season 4

Each episode of Wentworth season 4 is devoted to the life story of one of the female prisoners, in which the viewer becomes aware of the reasons for which fate had brought her into the walls of the dark building.

Here ruled the individual laws of survival, its own rules and norms. The different characters, all with their own fate, made to fight for a place under the sun in order to survive in a world where so important a real friendship and loyalty.

The dramatic story of the series shows the viewer a paradoxical similarity of the fate of women prisoners and prison officers. It turns out that the latter is also not enthusiastic about the prospect of being in the cold walls of the building practically all their life. It turns out that they both are sort of prisoners, but each of them has its own, a difficult fate.